How to use shortcode inside the caption text of Image?

You can place shortcode inside the caption of image inside the post or page.


  1. Install Designer Button plugin v2.5.9+
  2. Create page or post
  3. Click on “Add Media”
  4. Select required image and place required shortcode in the caption field
  5. Click on “insert into post” button
  6. After adding the media/image click on “text” tab of content editor
  7. locate the caption shortcode which you added just now using “Add Media” button
  8. Caption shortcode look like this
    [caption id="attachment_561" align="alignnone" width="922"]<img src="" alt="" width="922" height="801" class="size-full wp-image-561" />[wpi_designer_button id=82][/caption]
  9. Replace [caption]] and [[/caption] with [wpi_caption]] and [[/wpi_caption] in above shortcode
  10. Save and check the post/page

[ssm_form id=’617′]

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