Page Scroll to id – WordPress | Make button link navigate to other section in same page.


Page Scroll to ID: In WordPress, Designer Button supports same page navigation in combination with Page Scroll to id plugin. Its simple & Easy. In 4 easy steps you can get Same Page navigation and you can make button link to navigate to other section in a same page. Please follow below steps to complete this Page Scroll to Id task.


  1. Install Page Scroll to id Plugin.
  2. Enable “Button Rel” attribute in WPi Global settings.
  3. Place “m_PageScroll2id” in rel attribute in Add new/Edit Button settings or in rel attribute of Designer Button shortcode.
  4. Give name to content element’s ID attribute.


You have more settings in Page Scroll to id Plugin. like controlling the page scroll animation, animation easing etc..

Sample code ::

Content Element – <div id="contact"></div>
Shortcode – [wpi_designer_button id="336" link="#contact" rel="m_PageScroll2id"]


Page Scroll to Id plugin




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